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Meet the Team

Grey Hawk
Jake Gaskamp.png


Founder, Wildlife Biologist


  • Texas A&M University,
    B.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences

Certifications & Affiliations

  • Type II Wildland Firefighter

  • US Fish & Wildlife Service

  • The Wildlife Society


Wildland Systems founder, Jake Gaskamp, is a consulting wildlife biologist from Brenham, Texas. Jake grew up in central Texas where he developed a passion for spending time outdoors after watching and helping his grandfather maintain the family ranch. He developed a deep respect for wildlife systems and wildlife management principles, which he pursued as his primary focus for education and career development. Jake attended Texas A&M University and earned his bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. 

He has gained experience through his work with Texas Parks & Wildlife assisting a Natural Resource Specialist in wildlife surveys, sampling methods, and educational seminars for youth. In addition to this, Jake has served as a research volunteer in Kingsville, Texas facilitating deer captures for antler sampling, tagging and blood samples through operating ATVs, usage of GPS and radio communication with helicopter crews. His work with Buckskin Brigades in Albany, Texas allowed him the opportunity to educate youth on deer diets, physiology, necropsy, and plant identification. Jake acquired valuable experience as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern at Lonestar Wildlife Rescue, learning to care for various injured wildlife and providing initial exam and triage care upon receiving animals. The expertise he attained working and training birds of prey have also provided knowledge into the care of altricial birds.

Alongside his educational background and experience, Jake has gained certification as a Type II Wildland Firefighter. He holds professional membership with The Wildlife Society and is affiliated with the US Fish & Wildlife Service. After graduating from Texas A&M, Jake has worked as an arborist caring for the trees on the university’s campus and practicing copious forestry methodologies. He decided to compound his knowledge and experience to benefit others in their land development, which led to the founding of Wildland Systems. 

Currently, Jake often spends his time hunting, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. He spends the majority of his time working with private landowners to improve their property and implement successful management plans to ensure long-term  solutions.



Client Relations /

Office Management


  • Texas A&M University, 
    B.S. Health

Growing up in central Texas has fueled a deep appreciation for the wildlife and scenery of the great outdoors. Hunting, fishing and exploring the land from a young age have instilled a passion and love for the outdoors. I want to help others feel connected to their land through good stewardship, so future generations can experience and enjoy the land as I have. 

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