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Wildland Systems works hard to acquire quality wildlife management related products at fair prices for our customers and clients. Our products are locally crafted with conservation and durability at the heart of the design. 

Wood Duck Nesting Box

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Our nesting boxes are designed and built with two things in mind: durability and suitability to the targeted species, which in this case is the Wood Duck. This box features cedar construction to resist decay brought on by years of exposure to the elements. The hinges are brass which will outlast many other hardware materials. Finally, it is held together by corrosion resistant deck screws. It also features a door that will allow for easy cleaning, post-nesting season. These boxes will last for many years as they serve you in your efforts of Wood Duck conservation.
The nesting box should be placed with the opening facing water at a height of 4ft - 6ft from the ground (you could mount it on a tree or a dedicated pole). The most ideal placement for the duck box is over the water on a pole outfitted with a predator guard.

Material: Natural Cedar Wood, Brass
Dimensions: 11.25"x11.25"x31"

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